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How to select your ticket rate

Tickets are available for between one and five days of the conference. For education summit tickets, please click here.

If your tickets are being paid for by your employer, please select the Corporate rate.

If you are paying for your ticket out of your own pocket, please select the Individual rate.

If you are unwaged (for example in full-time education), please select the Unwaged rate.

We aim to make PyCon UK as affordable as possible. Free and discounted tickets (and also financial grants to cover the costs of travel and accommodation) are available on application, through our financial assistance programme. All those who would find the cost of attending the conference hard to afford are encouraged to submit an application.

All prices include VAT at 20%.

Individual rate Corporate rate Unwaged rate
1 day £78 £162 £48
2 days £114 £234 £66
3 days £150 £306 £84
4 days £186 £378 £102
5 days £222 £450 £120