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Adding sound and remote control to micro:bit NeoPixelRacer

MicroPython and Radio Messaging for the BBC micro:bit

Neill Bogie, Nishka Mathur, Femi Owolade-Coombes

Saturday 15th, 16:30 (Room B)

Education Summit workshop for young coders (Saturday, 50 mins)

In this workshop we will add sound effects, music, and remote-controllers to an existing, exciting two-player neopixel light-racing game!
We'll do this by using radio messaging between micro:bits, and we'll code this in MicroPython (It looks just like Python 3 code).

We'll make and customise the controllers ourselves.

If you're looking for cool project ideas for your micro:bit, you should definitely check this out!

Note: to get the most out of this workshop it is best if you've done a little bit of Python (or MicroPython) before. However, you do NOT need any experience with the micro:bit!

Note: We won't be programming the actual NeoPixels in this workshop, but we have made the code for that part available for anyone to reuse and learn from.

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