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Future Engineers

Running a programming and robotics holiday club for teens

Sarah Townson

Sunday 16th, 15:30 (Room D)

Education Summit talk for educators (Sunday, 25 mins)

Over the summer, Science Oxford (and educational charity) ran an IET/IMechE-funded robotics holiday club for 11-15 year olds living in areas of high socio-economic deprivation in Oxford.
Throughout the week, participants learnt to program a BBC micro:bit in Python, then designed and built their own robot to follow a winding path, by choosing from a range of sensors. We also took them to visit local organisations to show the range of opportunities available within engineering, and the different routes to a career.
Hear about the problems we overcame to get this project off the ground, our successes and failures, what the young people thought about and gained from the week, and how we plan to improve it for next year!

  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for teachers.

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