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Micro:bit Minecraft Hack

Using the Micro:bit and the Bitio Python library to develop a controller and game in Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi

Femi Owolade-Coombes, Nishka Mathur, Neill Bogie, Namrata Vora, Navneet Mathur, Grace Owolade-Coombes

Saturday 15th, 09:30 (Room C)

Education Summit workshop for young coders (Saturday, 50 mins)

In this session, participants create code to turn a Micro:bit into a games controller for Minecraft game they build on the Raspberry Pi using IDLE 3 Python. It involves learning about creating a spirit level, using number lines with the accelerometer feature on the Micro:bit. The second part of the session involves testing the spirit level and then switches over to Minecraft and the IDLE3 Python to create a script to make a ‘Catch the Block’ game. It’s a great way to integrate the Micro:bit to Minecraft and Python using Bitio and , of course, create an awesome Minecraft game at the same time. This workshop stirs away from copy code by using ‘jigsaw’ type format to help participants to understand and develop their computational thinking skills - sequencing and repletion and selection. Extension challenges include creating a timer and there’s a scoreboard to see who can finish the game the quickest.

  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for new programmers.
  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for teachers.

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