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Redis: persistent collections as a service (and for fun)

A quick introduction to Redis, and why I really like it

Tibs / Tony Ibbs

Tuesday 18th, 14:30 (Assembly Room)

A talk (25 minutes)

I recently had to learn about Redis for work, and was very pleased at how well designed it is, and how much fun it is to use. Several times I went to look for a piece of functionality, and there it was, doing exactly what I wanted. I am especially fond of BRPOPLPUSH.

I propose to give a brief introduction to what Redis is and does, an overview of the redis-py client and fakeredis for unit testing, and if there's time, some discussion of asyncio programming using aioredis.

At the end, I hope that the audience will know a bit about a genuinely useful tool that can be used as a datestore, and also for cross-communication between many programming languages. And maybe they'll share some of my enthusiasm.

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