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Saturday 15th, 09:30 (Assembly Room)
Sunday 16th, 09:30 (Assembly Room)
Monday 17th, 09:30 (Assembly Room)
Tuesday 18th, 09:30 (Assembly Room)

On Saturday, Alex Chan will be talking to us about trust, and how to build systems that encourage trust and good behaviour. Alex is a software developer at Wellcome Collection and a PyCon UK organiser.

On Sunday, for our education track, we have Sue Sentance to tell us about programming in schools, and what’s in a teacher’s toolkit. Sue is Chief Learning Officer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

On Monday we are pleased to welcome Loek van Gent who is joining us to talk about social responsibility, social good, and collaborating in Python. Loek is Head of Engineering at GoodUp in Amsterdam.

And finally, on Tuesday joining us will be Nikoleta E. Glynatsi, who uses Python and maths to unpick the secrets of the forces that maintain the relationships between things in the world. Nikoleta is a doctoral student in mathematics at Cardiff University.

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