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SQL for Python Programmers

Owen Campbell

Monday 17th, 16:30 (Room K)
Monday 17th, 14:30 (Room K)

A workshop (3 hours)

This session will teach you the basics of SQL and how to use it within Python code.

It is aimed primarily at anyone with little or no knowledge of SQL and the level of Python we'll be using will be appropriate for new coders too.

It will be an interactive session with little or no presentation at the front. All the materials are online and will still be available after the session, so you can work at your own speed, whatever that might be.

If you cannot make the entire session, that's fine. Feel free to drop in or out whenever is convenient.

I'll be encouraging participants to work together and help each other but, if you prefer to work alone, that's absolutely fine too.

If you're a DBA, or already know your way around SQL, this may be too basic for you but you might learn a trick or two about how to use SQL from within Python. And you're more than welcome to come along and help others with your experience!

The tutorial materials are available at

Before coming to the workshop, you may find it helpful to read and, if you choose the option to use your own computer to run the tutorial code, follow the installation instructions for doing so.

  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for new programmers.
  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for data scientists.

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