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Learning the basics of AI with Code For Life

Test our brand new game, AI:MMO

Celine Boudier, James Holland

Saturday 15th, 11:30 (Room A)

Education Summit workshop for young coders (Saturday, 50 mins)

Participants should bring their own laptop where possible.

Code For Life is a non–profit initiative that delivers free, open-source games and supporting teaching materials that help students learn computing.

With our new game AI:MMO, publicly announced very recently, we are aiming to get Secondary School students (KS3 and KS4) engaged and excited about computing and coding from a young age.

AI:MMO will teach Python, data structures and basics of AI to teenagers as well as provide teachers with curriculum-friendly teaching materials.

We are planning to organise an interactive, hands-on coding session with teenagers aged 12-17.

Younger children are welcome to join and play with our blockly and Python based Primary School game Rapid Router.

  • The speaker suggested this session is suitable for new programmers.

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